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Managed Services

“How long can your business afford to be down?”

Click on the image below to calculate what 2 days of down time would cost your business.  Most small to medium sized businesses fail when faced with significant down time. 

When you choose us to be your managed services provider, we know how important your data is.  We take that responsibility seriously.  We also know you can’t afford to wait through a long recovery process with down time.  In the event of a disaster, not only would your data be safe, but you could have access to your entire computer or server in minutes simply by calling us.   If you need seamless data continuity without downtime and automatic detection for ransomware to protect your business and your livelihood, then you need us to provide you that level of service.  Call and ask to schedule an appointment to create a managed services agreement that will deliver when your business is on the line.

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