“Here are just a few of the professional services we offer!”

    • System Optimization (Speed up that old PC…or even a new one!)
    • Hardware Repair (Desktops and Laptops, PC and Mac)
    • Software Troubleshooting
    • Reinstallation of Windows
    • Data Recovery (even if the computer won’t start)*
    • Backup Solutions
    • Custom Built PC’s
    • Buying Assistance (I can save you a lot of money!)
    • Home / Small Business Networking
    • User Training (Wide variety of topics/systems)
    • PC Security and Monitoring (Hey Parents!)
    • Virus / Spyware Removal
    • Eliminate time-wasting websites at small businesses (Facebook/Youtube)
    • Server Build/ Install/ Maintain
    • Printers/Cameras/Scanners/mp3 Players
    • Surveillance / Video Conferencing
    • Wireless Networking
    • Remote Assistance Avaialable
    • Smart Phone Set up/ Training
    • Warranty Support (let me deal with them!)
    • Need a New PC? Ask us what we have in stock

And more….Just ask!

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